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Drs. Martijn Y. de Deugd

Founder, Owner


Martijn graduated as an economist (VU University in Amsterdam) and has over 30 years of experience as a successful independent IT entrepreneur (DDA Automation Services).

Martijn is active in many areas in IT. With DDA he offers automation to SMEs: DDA takes care of everything that has anything to do with IT; a wide-range offer.

Additionally, Martijn has repeatedly marketed successful software (of which TopRooster.nl is the most recent example) and he programmed and delivered – with Marcel – customized solutions for customers who were looking for very specific solutions.

Martijn is also a mediator: he became an official MfN-registermediator (click here to visit his website TopMediation.nl). Mediation is a passion for Martijn that is close to his heart and aligns with what he enjoys doing: helping customers and making sure they’re satisfied. With customization where necessary, because this often results in achieving the best possible outcomes. Martijn likes to say: “I don’t strive for satisfied customers at all… I strive for enthusiastic customers!”

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06 51 303 223

Marcel Wolterbeek

Drs. Marcel Wolterbeek



Marcel graduated as an economist (VU University in Amsterdam) and has over 30 years of experience as a successful independent IT programmer.

As early as the 1990s, various software houses in Amsterdam regularly assigned Marcel programming projects, especially if they could not figure it out themselves. Marcel solved – even then! – all technical problems.

Several clients have said that if Marcel delivers programming codes, there is no need to put it to the test. And that compliment is appreciated, because it says a great deal about the quality of Marcel’s work.

As early as the 00’s, Marcel programmed the most essential parts of software for hand terminals of logistics employees, worldwide.
Marcel also has a lot of experience in building web apps and native apps for iOS and Android. He invariably uses the latest techniques, which of course always benefits the effectiveness, productivity and efficiency of what Marcel produces.

Read which programming techniques Marcel uses; Marcel is always ahead of the curve. 


We’re a group of enthusiastic developers. Our group consists of 14 programmers with various specialisations. We prioritize continuity and assuring knowledge – including specific customer knowledge.  Upon request, we would love to tell you more and introduce you to our colleagues. 

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